"HONOR THE GAME. PLAY WITH CLASS. "I am Ralph Hall and I approve of this message." 4-27-2011

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"It all starts with caring. Any other base path only leads to a dead end." Ralph Hall

This is a Texas Softball Hall of Fame's benevolence program. Contributions go to encouraging citizens of the Houston area who have suffered a major loss. We will support them by giving them tickets to a Baseball Game. You can be a part of what makes our softball family a caring team for this community.

"Ballparks are not like Cathedrals, but the hearts of some ballplayers are Cathedrals of caring." Ralph Hall 10-06-07
Moving BatterEmail:
call 281-342-0789

"To play in a Sunday League, $425. To join a Tuesday or Friday League, $395. To build positive relationships with the Texas Softball Hall Of Fame community, priceless."  Ralph Hall


"With vision, courage, and skill we plan the games. With cooperation, commitment, and caring we lead the people." Ralph Hall 2-15-07

"My friends are like quiet angels who lift me to my feet."

They know when this heart has the courage to move these legs in the right direction. Other legs will follow in the steps of sportsmanship.  As these footsteps echo in the Halls of Honor and  Honorable Mention I will ask a simple question. Are those your steps I hear, my friend? I'm listening.  Ralph Hall 11-28-07

TEXAS SOFTBALL HALL OF FAME MISSION STATEMENT and your mission if you choose to accept it, is to lead softball events that promote sportsmanship, to protect the integrity of the game, to provide a caring atmosphere, to enhance the well-being of all people of good will who participate, and to honor commitment to our softball. "This is how the heartbeat of Texas softball makes an impact and a positive difference."  Ralph Hall


Texas Softball Hall of Fame



"NO BALLVIATING! THAT'S MY JOB and my Thanks to Bill O'Reilly." Ralph Hall, Jr.

 Another word of thanks is extended to my good friend, Neil Suchart  for  ongoing support in the development of this web site.



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