"The significance of your life is determined by the positive impact it has on others." Jackie Robinson  i am Ralph Hall and I approve of this message.6-15-2014

The next Sunday League begins on February 15, 2015 and Tuesday may begin on March 10, 2015 . Call Ralph Hall 281- 342-0789
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"If we are all created equal, why am I in second place?"


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"Where character and sportsmanship come to play softball."

Moving Batter2015 Sundays  at Cullen Park in Houston, Texas

The next season of our 28th year at Cullen Park begins on February 15, 2015. Call Ralph Hall at 281-342-0789 to register. LET'S PLAY BALL!

           2015 Tuesday Men's at Community Park, Mo.  City, TX

The next season of our 12th year at Community Park may begin on March 10, 2015. Call Ralph Hall at 281-342-0789 to register. LET'S PLAY BALL!

           2015  Thursday Schedule for MEN'S AND Coed at Community Park, Mo. City, TX

            The next season of COED and maybe Men's Leagues may begin on March 12, 2015. Call Ralph

            Hall - 281-342-0789 to register. LET'S PLAY BALL!   

          2015 Friday Coed at Community Park, Mo. City, TX

The next Coed season of our 24th year of Friday COED Leagues may begin on April 17, 2015. Call Ralph Hall at 281-342-0789 to register. LET'S PLAY BALL!

You have now entered the Texas Softball Hall of Fame website and have chosen to visit our homepage. Welcome to all who bring good will and who focus with us on our journey into a better future. The good news is that today you can decide to become part of this historic softball community.

In 2015 we will play leagues at two locations, Cullen Park in far west Houston and Community Park in Missouri City, Texas. Our priority again this year is to promote recreational softball. Those who join to get field tested may fully appreciate the play style we enjoy. Aqui se habla softball.

You are invited to work with The Texas Softball Hall of Fame Director since 1985, Ralph Hall. The value of his leadership is not only connected to a long softball history but it is also connected with many softball people.  Being rooted in character and nurtured by sportsmanship, these relationships thrive. Their influence and impact demonstrate much more than just an ordinary history. They will also create some extraordinary and memorable playing times this year. Ralph and many others believe that good relationships plus good processes not only lead to a history of great results, but will continue to serve as the best leadership style for 2015.

The question for you is a simple one. Are you bringing your team to join us? Those who choose Texas Softball Hall of Fame and remain its loyal supporters belong here with their hopes and dreams. Our 33rd year, 2015, will reveal itself as a time when the journey is just as important as the destination. Ralph Hall 1-12-2015


To play in a Sunday League, $425.

To join a Tuesday, Thursday,  or a Friday  night League, $395.

To build positive relationships with the Texas Softball Hall of Fame community, priceless


TEXAS SOFTBALL HALL OF FAME MISSION STATEMENT and your mission if you choose to accept it, is to lead softball events that promote sportsmanship, to protect the integrity of the game, to provide a caring atmosphere, to enhance the well-being of all people of good will who participate, and to honor connectedness in the softball community. "This is how the heartbeat of Texas softball makes an impact and a positive difference."  Ralph Hall

"Our mission has been tested by both time and circumstances.  It began as a sacred promise, but has been transformed from great words of hope into a lifestyle of genuinely caring, a disciplined willingness to continually improve, and a commitment to generously give." Ralph Hall 7-15-08

Another word of thanks is extended to my good friend, Neil Suchart  for  ongoing support in the development of this web site.






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