"The significance of your life is determined by the positive impact it has on others." Jackie Robinson; I am Ralph Hall and I approve of this message 2-7- 2016

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Moving Batter 762 Leagues 

 1987 to 2021 League Champions
"If you think about it, talk about it, and are committed to it, YOU CARE about it." Ralph Hall, Jr. 11-31-16

  Our mission has been tested by both time and circumstances.  It began as a sacred promise and is revealed in actions of service for those who love this great game.

To bring your bat for some good hits - good
 To bring your glove for some tough plays - great
 To bring your heart for all the people - priceless.  

TEXAS SOFTBALL HALL OF FAME MISSION STATEMENT and your mission if you choose to accept it, is to lead softball events that promote sportsmanship, to protect the integrity of the game, to provide a caring atmosphere, to enhance the well-being of all people of good will who participate, and to honor commitment to our softball community. "This is how the heartbeat of Texas softball makes an impact and a positive difference." 

 Ralph Hall




The Moving Batter Sunday leagues at Bayland Park or Cullen Park may begin in March, 2021 call Ralph Hall at 281-342-0789 to register.  

 Sunday Night League  at Cullen Park in Houston, Texas

The next season of our 35th year of Cullen Park softball  may begin WHEN CITY OF HOUSTON IS READY TO ISSUE PERMITS. Possibly March, 2021. Call Ralph Hall at 281-342-0789 to register.

  Tuesday Night League Men's League at Community Park in Mo. City, Texas

The Tuesday Men's league MAY begin in 2021  WHEN CITY OF Mo. City is READY TO ISSUE PERMITS. Possibly March, 2021
Call Ralph Hall at 281-342-0789 to register.

 Moving Batter  Friday Night League The next season  league play may begin at Bayland Park in Houston, Texas in 2021 call Ralph Hall at 281-342-0789 to register.

You have entered the Texas Softball Hall of Fame website. Welcome to all who bring  good will and focus with us on a better softball future. Today you can become part of or reunite with these historic softball communities - LET'S PLAY BALL

In 2021 we may play leagues at three locations: Bayland Park in Houston, Cullen Park in far west Houston and Community Park in Missouri City, Texas. Our priority is to promote recreational softball.

You are invited to work with The Texas Softball Hall of Fame Director since 1985, Ralph Hall. The value of his leadership, service, and skills are connected to many relationships. His long softball history is rooted in character and nurtured by sportsmanship. Many have discovered the influence, impact, decisions, and positive attitudes which have been developed in these softball communities for years. Beyond discovering and developing, you can also join us in celebrating milestone achievments. Are you committing your team to join us? Following this strategic question will empower you to step up to the plate. All people of good will who choose Texas Softball Hall of Fame and remain its loyal supporters belong with us. LET'S PLAY BALL !

While continuing in our 39th year of service the Houston area, we go forward together on this softball journey. LET'S PLAY BALL! 8-11-2020

To join a Sunday, Tuesday, Thusday, or Friday League  


"We do not invite the great teams to humble the rest. We invite the humble to become great." Ralph Hall

Let's Celebrate!  It is good!

Ralph and the other leaders with him have been relentless in their pursuit of Sportsmanship. We may never be perfect in sportsmanship, but in the process we have played, are playing, and will play some great games. 

 Ralph Hall, Jr.