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"IF HE RENTS IT, THEY WILL COME." Ralph Hall 2-15-10

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"History is made every time we step onto a field. If we record it now, others will appreciate it in the future." Ralph Hall  "Remember your leaders." 2-10-09

1,396 - Events from 1982 to 2010
       8 - Current Leagues in 2010

Awards for over 18,000 CHAMPIONS!

 Direction and leadership for more than 1,000,000 PARTICIPANTS!

"Climbing the mountains of accomplishment means more when you take others to the top with you." Ralph Hall 1-25-09

"Great games are never over because they leave twin legacies of SPORTSMANSHIP and CHARACTER." Ralph Hall 1-25-09

Moving Batter   55 years as a player  
    45 years as an umpire

28 Years as a Tournament or League Director at 29 locations and on 66 different Fields.

"This is our game. Softball History is spoken here." Ralph Hall

"A man's credentials are not found as much in his history as they are found in his heart." Ralph Hall 8-30-07

    Where Champions Belong To  History!  
Click here to see the names of the 1989-1999 & 2004 Texas Softball Hall Of Fame World Series Champions

"When you look back, will you know that you have lived a life worth remembering? The courage to live it passionately does not come from the absence of  fear. It comes from the absence of selfishness."  Ralph Hall    1-19-2009

                                    Ralphisms    baseball player animation

"Better is one day on the FIELDS OF PROMISE AND HOPE than a thousand days elsewhere!" Ralph Hall

"I do not believe that God ever counts my trophies or my championship t-shirts, but I do believe he counts our scars, our tears, and our prayers." Ralph Hall 7-30-09

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Moving Batter MILESTONES 

1949 - On the night of September 8th, Elizabeth Jane Hall and Ralph Hall gave birth to their first born son. His dad was playing softball earlier that night. DAD was more famous for his State of Texas Championship Golden Gloves in boxing and was not really a power hitter, but he actually did hit a home run that night.
1956 - The first softball game played by Ralph Hall, Jr. was at 1826 Basse Road, San Antonio, TX. He was 6 years old, in the first grade, and played right field that day. He did not make any defensive put-outs, but  he got on base every at bat with either hits or walks. His favorite part of the game was running the bases. The snow cones from the refreshment stand after the game were good too. Who could have imagined then, that he would celebrate his 54th year as a softball player and 44th year as an umpire in 2010? A small lump of coal would be transformed into a shinning diamond.
1956 to 1969 Ralph Hall  played on numerous City Championship Youth and Adult softball teams in San Antonio, TX.

1966 - Ralph Hall coached his first boys softball team in San Antonio, TX, and umpired his first games at Wilson Fields.
- Ralph Hall coached his first League Championship Team in San Antonio, TX.
1968 - Ralph Hall coached his First City Championship Boys softball team in San Antonio, TX.  He was also selected to the City-Wide All Star Teams in both Fast Pitch as a second baseman and as a shortstop in Slow Pitch softball in San Antonio, TX.
1969 - Ralph Hall  repeated as coach of  the boys softball City Champions in San Antonio, TX.
1970 - Ralph Hall  umpired his first Collegiate level softball in San Marcos, TX.
1973 to 1974 - Ralph played in Championship league and tournament play in Springfield, Illinois.
1975 - Ralph Hall  played in Galveston, TX.
1978 - Ralph Hall  played on the City Championship softball  team and umpired in Seguin, TX.
1979 to 2008 Ralph Hall  played in Mo. City, TX,  and numerous League Championship and Tournament Championship teams in the Houston, TX, area.
1980 - Ralph Hall  was elected as Softball Commissioner in Mo. City, TX,  and served as U. I. C. for Leagues.
1981 - Ralph Hall  began his USSSA umpire career at Softball Country Club, Houston, TX.
1982 - Ralph Hall  served as U. I. C. for the Mo. City, TX, Annual Softball Tournament.

"What causes us to be in the right time and the right place in softball history is the grace and favor of God." One touch of HIS grace gives us a life. One touch of HIS favor does more than we can do in a lifetime of our own efforts. Ralph Hall 6-12-07 


2009 - The first Houston area softball dual language, English/Spanish, Home Page and many of the web pages on the web-site.
Over 500 Leagues
- Celebrate a Milestone Moment - We Worked - You Played!

THE BEST TIME IS YET TO BE - A time to be Field Tested, a time to celebrate over 500 Leagues, a time to wear the Game Day Shirt.

2010 - The first Leagues in the Houston area to protect the pitchers with the LINE DRIVE RULE and also to allow them pitch up to six feet behind the pitching rubber in ASA softball.  


+Texas Softball Hall of Fame does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. RALPHISM #54. "Color is only skin deep, but beautiful character lives on the inside."

"Inspiring others to live better lives is the accomplishment of leadership." Ralph Hall



"The hard drive historian of my past, the passionate, articulate journalist of my present, and the contemporary, prophetic spirit of my future are the same thing, my attitude." Ralph Hall

"The enemy of our history, of our presence, and of our future is found between the ears and on the tongues of the pathological critics." Ralph Hall 5-13-06

"IF WE PROTECT THEM, THEY WILL PLAY!" Ralph Hall          


                     baseball player animation"As you have done in history, give your servant success today by granting him FAVOR in the presence of the King." Ralph Hall

"We are planning today for the games we will play tomorrow."                                                                     RALPH HALL 2-15-07

"The base path of character is not the base path of compromise."

                                                                  Ralph Hall 8-30-07

"To the softball world you might be just one leader, but for one person you were, are, or will be the leader of his softball world." Ralph Hall 9-3-07

                                                  "NO BALLVIATING! THAT'S MY JOB." and my Thanks to Bill O'Reilly. 

"WE WORK; YOU PLAY." Ralph Hall 


You Tube Video (Part-1)

                                                                      You Tube Video (Part-2)

"Congratulations!  Your hard work is paying off.................not just for you but apparently for many others! Blessings!"
D. R. Nelson President/CEO, Sovereign Wealth Management, LLP

"This looks good!  Makes me proud to have been a part of your organization.  Keep up the good work.  I miss being around you and the guys." Steve Morris, Umpire 

"Well I see you have conquered film! However, I'm still waiting for your first book of quotes and jokes? Great clip! God Bless." Kevin Tucker

"That was great," Hugh Durlam - Account Representative, One Source Credit Reporting, LLC

"That was a very good clip! I think you should keep it!" Phillip McNeil,  Houston Community College Northwest Campus
Associate Athletic Director

"Cool dude," Carol Tribble, Qualifiers Coed Team

"Wow!!  You are really moving up and on in the softball world....good going for you and the league!!!" Lynn Hill, Inspirations Coed Team

"I really enjoyed the footage that you put on the web site. Keep up the great job of providing us with a great and fun softball environment. I am thankful and privileged to be a part of the league." Tony Aguilar, Coach First Colony Church of Christ Coed Team

"The video clips are a great addition to your web site.  Appreciate all your efforts to run a first class softball organization and to provide a quality experience for the players." Roger D. Leick, Marine & Arctic Engineering Manager, Exxon Mobil Development Company

Ralph, you have been an inspiration to so many people for so many years. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. God Bless. Mark Sartain, 2007 ASA Lonestar State Champion,       (Da Bomb)

Ralph, you have always had the vision to make softball more than a game.  You always encourage people to be better than they think they can.  Your video interview is excellent.  It was always a pleasure to work with you and for you.  Keep up the great work.  Corky Carter,  State Director: Tennessee USSSA Slow Pitch

"My friends are like quiet angels who lift me to my feet." They know when this heart has the courage to move these legs in the right direction. Other legs will follow in the steps of sportsmanship. As the footsteps echo in the Halls of Honor and Honorable Mention I will ask a simple question. Are those your steps I hear, my friend? I'm listening.  Ralph Hall 12-18-07  


Ralph Hall, Jr. & ****General Tommy Franks,

Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient


"We honor those who make softball history, not those who mock softball history."

 Ralph Hall 2-17-08 

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"From the silent request on my knees to the last footstep crossing the plate, the destination has been worth the journey."  Ralph Hall 12-29-08

"LORD, YOU never let go of me." RALPH HALL

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